Riding lessons

You do not need to have any previous knowledge of horses to start!

We have:

  • Classes for children from 5 years old, beginners.
  • Classes for teenagers and adults of all levels; initial and advanced.
  • You do not need to have any previous knowledge of horses to start, as we offer courses for beginners and advanced riders.

You do not need to have any previous knowledge of horses!

Our Classes

Find a Family and Social environment that is connected to the Horse and Nature.


Dressage or trainingare the maximum expression of training for the horse. It consists of performing a series of exercises together, trot and gallop. It improves balance and helps build the horse's muscle mass so that it can respond naturally to the rider's aids. It is a very important addition to create a greater bond between rider and animal.


This is undoubtedly the discipline that generates the most adrenaline. The instructors use gymnastics exercises to teach the students to trot and gallop in the jump position. In the further course, the rider learns to jump isolated hurdles and then jump hurdles on courses for both competitive and recreational purposes.


The school wants to bring the world of horses closer to everyone. Leisure riding is ideal for those who want to learn to ride well and are not interested in sports.


The small demeanor and gentleness of these little horses help to quickly establish a friendly relationship between the children and the ponies. This characteristic, added to the didactic and loving work of the monitors, makes this equestrian industry an activity that is growing day by day. Everything is through play and leisure time exercises, so children learn playfully and faster than with conventional driving techniques.
The pony rides are the option for the little ones (they are done for children up to 5 years old). You get more peace and security through a monitor that guides you through simple games and encourages you, e.g. B. to put your hands on your head, to cover your eyes or to stroke the horse. This is how balance and confidence work to start riding on your own and progress to the next level teaching you to ride without the need for the instructor by your side.


Learning by playing, the learning method is very simple and didactic, through games, ideal for attracting the attention of young students. So the children have fun while learning.


The pupil learns to approach the horse safely, to clean it, to saddle it. In this way, affective bonds are created that strengthen mutual trust. The goal in this first phase is to gain confidence and balance. This ensures a good fit and correct use of the aids. Various exercises are used to achieve these goals:
a- Rope Seat Class.
b- Raised trot, seated trot, changes in the shape of the arena (lengthways, crossways and diagonally).
c- Work with trestles: first in the trot, and then in step.
d- We are looking for a correct application on a practical level of: seat, position, aids.
e- This stage ends with the first two-handed canter, change of direction, trot and walk until a good control of the horse is achieved. You can also do back-step exercises with experienced horses.


This level is entered when one has the ability to gallop with a horse without any inconvenience. At this moment the student chooses the discipline to which he wants to devote himself: jumping, dressage. Depending on your choice, you will work either at the performance level or for pleasure, but always with the basic training basis.
The aim of this second stage is to perfect the rider's seat and balance through the correct use of the aids.

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About Us

The finca is only 5 minutes from Palma and can be reached via the Vella de Bunyola street or the Sóller street. On arrival we will find an external and internal parking lot where you can park your trailer.

We have:

  • An 80×40 track with very good drainage that allows us to drive even when it rains. In addition, 6 sprinklers with good flow rates that wet the entire route in just 4 minutes.
  • A 20 meter long circuit.
  • A 20×40 track (currently under construction).
  • Paddocks of 80 m2 and 100 m2 with wooden sheds, in each of which there is a lining where the “Graba” roll is constantly.
  • An 18-meter ferris wheel.
  • Very spacious and secure individual boxes for all of your equipment.
  • Changing rooms with hot showers.
  • A room for meetings.
  • A block of veterinary use for hospitalization and quarantine.
  • Softened water system in all drinkers and a constant pressure system of 3 bar.

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