School visits and excursions

The perfect environment where the youngest can connect with themselves through nature and animals!

School visits and excursions

The visits and excursions are aimed at all educational centers in the Balearic Islands.

For kindergarten, primary, secondary and high school students. Including centers for students with functional diversity and social exclusion.

We are committed to equality and therefore our doors are open to all students regardless of their age and their physical, mental or social condition, etc…

Our essence and philosophy are unique in the Balearic Islands.

Two aspects that define us:
1. We have created an interdisciplinary team that covers all aspects of the human being from birth to adulthood. Combining Emotional Education and Environmental Education.

2. We are the first center that includes Birds of Prey in its educational and emotional activities.

A great team made up of a psychologist and equine therapist, environmental educators, integral coaches assisted with animals, a social integrator and horse riding, falconry and free time monitors.

For infant, primary, secondary and high school students, including centers for students with functional diversity and social exclusion.

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About us

The finca is only 5 minutes from Palma and can be reached via the Vella de Bunyola street or the Sóller street. On arrival we will find an external and internal parking lot where you can park your trailer.

We have:

  • An 80×40 track with very good drainage that allows us to drive even when it rains. In addition, 6 sprinklers with good flow rates that wet the entire route in just 4 minutes.
  • A 20 meter long circuit.
  • A 20×40 track (currently under construction).
  • Paddocks of 80 m2 and 100 m2 with wooden sheds, in each of which there is a lining where the «Graba» roll is constantly.
  • An 18-meter ferris wheel.
  • Very spacious and secure individual boxes for all of your equipment.
  • Changing rooms with hot showers.
  • A room for meetings.
  • A block of veterinary use for hospitalization and quarantine.
  • Softened water system in all drinkers and a constant pressure system of 3 bar.

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